Building Up Quantlandian

To build our Quantlandian and continue discussion from where we lost in Quantopian, let us post our strategies, lectures, codes and continue discussions here:

List of Strategies:

  1. New Strategy - Presenting the “Quality Companies in an Uptrend” Model

  2. (Incomplete) New Strategy — “In & Out”

  3. Enhancing Short-Term Mean-Reversion Strategies

  4. Are Earnings Predictable with Buyback Announcements?

  5. Capital Expenditure Volatility (CapEx Vol) - Template Fundamental Algo

  6. Simple Machine Learning Example Mk II

  7. Post-Earnings Drift Trading Strategy with Estimize (PEAD)

  8. Rules based sector rotation strategy based on Mebane Faber research

  9. VIX trading algorithm return 150% a year over past 5 years but has 50% drawdown from 2015 meltdown

  10. Debt to Total Assets with FactSet Data - Template Fundamental Algo


Let’s BUILD OUR QUANTLAND, your help is appreciated! :smiley:

Being able to attach jupyter notebooks could help people share their research


Hi Andres,

Thank you for your feedback.

Do you refer to attaching notebooks for downloads and/or viewing on site?

Really appreciate your comment.

Thanks for the effort , Alex. It’s good to be here.
Wish we can keep the discussion about quant.


Thanks WongFocus, welcome to Quantlandian!

Thanks for the quick reply, being able to attach ipynb’s really helps, and is a huge step over not being able to share or view them.
Thanks for the website, Andres