Quantlandian: An Introduction

As most of the code and notebook sharings are removed from Quantopian discussion posts, I think all of us will agree future quants have lost whole treasure of knowledge.

Thanks for the ingenious snapshot page made by Joe Archieve that tried to save the day.

We have made such a great community and I believe no one want to let it disappear. We should keep it flourishing. So I have made this forum and let us post our strategies, lectures, codes and continue discussions here.


No matter what, wishing Quantopian’s management all the best their future endeavors.

Thank you everyone.

Thanks for the brilliant initiative. Would love to see this forum grow quick in no time.
Please do let me know how I can help.


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Welcome to Quantlandian!

We would try to add more content into this forum these few days. Please feel free to give any suggestions!


Very good idea setting up such a forum! Hopefully there’ll be more people finding their way here.



Thanks for coming, Andy.

Please spread this message to others who are also interested in quant trading!


Someone also set up a discord channel btw. – not very active at the moment, but there are a handful of people at least…

Great Mate=D ~ look forward to the grow of this forum.
Are we going to talk about Zipline as well?
Might need to continue the QTP Zipline discussions somewhere after qtp closeee.

I sure hope we are going to continue discussions on Zipline :slight_smile: it is a good piece of software